Coyote Hunting OD

What can be more enjoyable than hunting in peace? Winter and snow are your advantage. Take a look to see how hunting in Michigan is.
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Added by:  Eric Date of add: 01/8/2013

I didn't know hunting could be so much fun! This guy seems really prepared, but what a coyotes he catches!
Added by:  Jake Date of add: 15/8/2013

It's very hard for me to hunt during winter...I should be more confident.
Added by:  Jay Matthews Date of add: 12/9/2013

Calling is always efficient, especially during winter. Not a big fan of hunting in the cold, but for a good catch I'd do anything.
Added by:  Shane Buchanan Date of add: 10/12/2013

These guys are pros!! They definitely enjoy coyote hunting very much. loved watching the video.
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